Starz Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Starz Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is a fully licensed company. Our service ranges from residential plumbing to large professional industrial process piping. We gladly service the beautiful state of Colorado, surrounding the city of Denver area.

Our scope of work includes boilers, gas piping, lab plumbing, mechanical equipment, plumbing, pneumatic piping. We can operate as a sub-contractor (work for another contractor) or a prime contractor (work directly for customer and supervise entire project). Starz Plumbing’s capacity as a prime contractor is best suited when the mechanical contract is the largest portion of a project. In addition to working under a contract, Starz Plumbing can perform work on a “time and material basis”. All our residential work is performed on a time and material basis.

Founded in 2006, Starz Plumbing and Heating started when Enrique Reyes became a licensed master plumber in the State of Colorado. Starting as a small residential plumber, Enrique developed the company to accommodate larger projects. Eventually, the company could accommodate large scale commercial and industrial customers. Now, our workforce is both large and talented enough to handle any commercial, industrial, or residential job.

A key instrument of a successful job completion is strong field supervision. Outside Enrique, Starz Plumbing has highly qualified personnel to effectively lead our projects. Our key field supervisors all have extensive experience in both their workmanship and their supervisory positions. Our key office personnel have advanced degrees of higher education or vocational training, and significant field experience.Construction can be dangerous if necessary safety precautions and job training do not take place. Starz Plumbing ensures a safe working environment for all its employees and contractors through occasional safety talks and continual job training. Employees are required to have certification for operation of heavy equipment, or if working in potentially dangerous situations. Key supervision employees are trained in first aid for on-site medical attention. Our full-time safety director maintains Starz Plumbing’s efforts to sustain a safe working environment. All employees and owners are annually required to take a drug test.In addition to key supervision, Starz Plumbing is outfitted with the necessary tools and equipment to handle any project.

Within our office headquarters, we have several high performance computers which are utilized for job tracking, quoting, and bookkeeping. All computers are kept up to date with the best performing software for our needs. Enrique Reyes is the president of the company. Starz Plumbing takes pride in employing diverse and highly skilled employees.Thank you again for your interest in our Company. If you have any questions, Please contact us by phone: (720)456-7811



Enrique Reyes